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Easier way to manage moderators?
Managing moderators

I currently have 5 moderators who moderate all the forums (12 so far)

It is very time consuming to add a moderator to multiple forums. I have to search for each forum under "Modify", then scroll down the list of members to select the moderators (and if I forget to hold down the control key, I erase all the other moderators, with no way to look up who they should be without cancelling the operation and starting again...) Adding or deleting one moderator to 12 forums can take up a lot of time.

Can you make it so that a user-list can define the moderators? That way, I can maintain a user-list called "moderators", or several user lists for moderators of different sets of forums, then just manage the one user-list as people's roles change.

Or could there be a Moderators menu that would allow for easy adds/deletes to multiple forums?

Any other ideas??



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