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Re: [CP] passing info to NoAuth.pm from Join.pm
getting closer Smile when I tried the code you mentioned, I got this error message
Can't modify non-lvalue subroutine call at /www/cgi-bin/mail/admin/GMail/NoAuth/Join.pm line 139.
Line 139 is the first $IN->param line. I couldn't find anything in a search of the forums for lvalue

I also tried rewriting those like this
$IN->param(paykey_id => $id);
$IN->param(paykey_key => $key);
And now I get redirected to where I want to go but the parameters added to the url aren't quite right...
Here's the resulting url I get
so I think I'm getting closer, now just to figure out the correct setting of those values.

And on the logic of what I'm doing, when a person signs up for an account, they can select a free or pay account. If they select free, I do the regular processing and validation. But if they select a pay account, instead of sending them to the page where they enter their validation code, I need to send them to the secure server (different domain) so they can make payments. The info I want to pass is to avoid using sensitive data in a url string. With this info I can get the user's info from the db and destroy the validation/pay key as soon as they are transferred over to the new server. My goal is automating the entire signup and payment process so I won't have to approve anything. And the sub parse_params determines what page they should go to after the user is inserted in the db, that's why I'm making the changes there.

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