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Re: [JKelly] Error after 2.05 upgrade
Ok, I think I solved it. Here is what I did. I reran the upgrade and then got the following message when clicking on the MySQLMan link in the Gossamer Mail admin or directly ...

Error Message : fatal undef error: GT::Template (1083): Unable to open template file './templates/compiled/table.html.compiled.print'. Reason: No such file or directory at html.pl line 64.

The table.html file is in the /mysqlman/templates/ directory but it is looking for a compiled version ( table.html.compiled.print ) of it in /mysqlman/templates/compiled/

That directory and its contents does not get created when I reinstall GossamerMail so I created the directory myself, copied table.htm into that directory and renamed it table.html.compiled.print then did the same for most of the other files in /mysqlman/templates/ and MySQLMan now works fine.

So it would appear the 2.05 upgrade file does not create the compiled directory and associated files on my server. I would be curious if that directory and files are created on other peoples installations or if it is just mine that has the problem.

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JKelly: Sep 28, 2001, 4:22 PM

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