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Re: [jagerman] Any new suggestions?
One more suggestion is that when you reach a forum page, like:


The subject colum is way too narrow and many subjects overlap into the next line which looks really ugly. An immediate way to improve this would be to reduce the font size, or you can get rid of those two green and white ball icons. How many people actually use them? And the folder icon is not needed. It doesn't serve no purpose and it takes up some valuable space.

Maybe if you got rid of the text Status from the first colum, that would reduce it's width. Because the colum is double the width of the image which takes up some space.

Ugh. I'm so picky. But then again, if it's UI I'm talking about, I could always customize this myself and completly redesign it if I wanted, so I guess you're looking at more suggestions about features.


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Wil: Sep 28, 2001, 3:28 AM

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