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New Script: Members Area/Subscription System

Due to the downturn in ad-revenue I have been looking at different ways of changing my revenue stream, and one of those I thought of was a Members Area where you could offer 'extras' to paid subscribers.

However, when I looked at available scripts to do this I found many of them lacking in features and I wondered if GT would be willing to start a project along these lines?

Here's a brief run-down of the things I'd be looking for:

Database member record storage (txt/mysql)
< FORM > based login prompt to place in HTML (as opposed to .htaccess 'popup' login)
GROUPS and AREAS (to allow for multi-level membership)
Mailing capabilities with <% tags %> to insert user-based info (password reminders, newsletter, etc.)
Comprehensive user records with custom 'fields'
'Template' based screen prompts and form responses

I imagine that the GROUPS and AREAS would represent specific paths/URLs within a site and that these would be set through the ADMIN panel.

I also image it wouldn't include any 'subscription' management initially, since there would be many different payment methods/systems, but that this part could be developed later if required.

Does anyone else think this would be a useful package for GT to develop?
(i.e.; is there a demand for it?)

All the best

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