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Re: [thewombat] Creating *.cfm pages
The "client" (Business Career Center) wanted a simple links management sytem. I did recommend most of the functionality of Links SQL, but they only wanted the features shown in the above link.

There is a robust and easy-to-use "back-end" administrative forms that allows Career Center personnel to validate or delete links, move links to multiple categories, add categories, and also add their own links in the system.

They didn't care for "popular" or "rating" listings of links. In addition, the College is reliant on the University for "mailing list" options, so we didn't need to program that.

you should upload to Macromedia Exchange.

Thanks, but I can't really do that since the College owns the script...it is not for open-source or paid release. The only application that I've created over the past year that may be allowed to be sold to business partners is our survey script. But that is up for serious negotiations as well..

It was not very hard to create...took me about four hours to create the basic functions of the application, then a few more hours to tweak the system based on bugs and additional requests of the client. The database was a snap to create.

Will still crack on with a CFML frontend.

Good luck...it won't be that easy since you will have to re-write all the front-end .cgi (like add, modify, etc.). I would recommend looking at creating a global login authentication CUSTOM TAG and then create an application.cfm to store the appropriate CFID and other information to allow persistant logins to occur across your scripts.

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