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[BUG REPORT] Delete User
Hello Alex!

There were 200 Messages in the inbox of an user unread. I decided to delete the user from the delete link in the admin Where it gives a link to modify,email,delete.

After clicking on the link delete, it took a while to finish and then showed that the user was deleted.

At the same time I still had the email.cgi open which showed me the content of that email box. Curiously, I pressed the reload. It showed me 1 message in the sent and the inbox was empty. Very surprised.

Then I checked the user in the search user query from admin. The user is not there listed.

Checking (and not modifying) with MySQLMan the user is listed in the email_users table intact!

Now I know how the inconsistancy where developing in the database.

You earlier said several times that that was because I used MysqlMan, which I never ever did actually, which was the reason why things like this would happen.

Now I caught it were and how it happened.

PS: Users who simply wants to bark, keep away!

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rajani: Sep 20, 2001, 11:54 PM

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