<%-- File ==== include_post_display.html Description =========== Every time a post is displayed (including a preview or delete confirmation) this page will be used to format the post. If change this page, you'll probably also want to make the equivelant changes in the "default_top" template set. --%> <%if preview%><%body_font%>Preview:<%/body_font%><%endif%> bgcolor="<%odd_color%>"<%endif%> style="border: 1px solid <%if printing%>black<%else%><%dark_beige%><%endif%>"> <%loop post_attachments%> bgcolor="<%medium_beige%>"<%endif%>> <%endloop%>
<%body_font%> <%if user_id%> <%nbsp post_username%> <%else%> <%nbsp post_username%> <%endif%>
<%user_title%> <%if post_user_is_moderator%> / Moderator <%endif%>
<%if post_anonymous_email%> <%post_anonymous_email%>
<%endif%> <%if user_icon%><%if not current_user_id or current_user_show_user_icons%> <%-- The person viewing this page is either a guest or hasn't turned off viewing user icons --%> <%GForum::User::icon_dimensions($user_icon)%>
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<%if this_do eq post_view_threaded or this_do eq post_view_flat%><%if is_ie and ie_version >= 4%> Copy Shortcut
<%endif%><%endif%> <%-- Moderator/Administrator functionality --%> disable <%if user_perm_moderator and not preview and not deleteview and not hide_post_menu%>
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Post: Detach & Move <%endif%> <%endif%> <%/body_font%>
<%body_font%> <%if post_locked%>      <%endif%> <%if post_deleted and user_perm_moderator%> Post deleted by <%post_deleted_by%>: <%if post_icon%><%endif%> <%post_subject%> <%elsif post_deleted%> Post deleted by <%post_deleted_by%> <%else%> <%if post_icon%><%endif%> <%if post_moved%>Moved:<%endif%> <%post_subject%> <%if post_new%>- NEW<%endif%> <%endif%> <%if not preview and not deleteview and not hide_post_menu and post_father_id%> [In reply to] <%endif%> <%if post_keep and user_perm_moderator%>
(This post will not be deleted when deleting old posts)
<%endif%> <%/body_font%>
<%body_font%> <%GForum::GUI::draw( draw => post_display_options, separator => " | ", edit => "Edit", delete => "Delete", cant_post => "Can't Post", quote => "Quote", reply => "Reply", a_attribs => "" )%> <%/body_font%>

<%body_font%> <%if post_deleted and not user_perm_moderator%>   <%elsif post_deleted%><%-- a moderator --%> (This post was deleted by <%post_deleted_by%><%if post_deleted_time%> on <%post_deleted_date%><%endif%>)
<%post_message%> <% if post_last_edit_username%> (This post was edited by <%post_last_edit_username%> on <%post_last_edit_date%>)
<% endif%> <%elsif post_moved%><%-- An empty record of the moved post --%> (Post moved: Original post here.) <%else%> <%post_message%> <% if post_last_edit_username%>

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<% endif%> <%endif%> <%/body_font%>
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