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User Options:
If enabled, users will be sent an e-mail containing a validation code when they sign up. This is recommended because without a valid e-mail address, users will be unable to use the reply notification or daily archive e-mails.
require_signup_email_validation checked<%endif%>> Yes checked<%endif%>> No
If enabled, the admin will have to manually validate users.
require_signup_admin_validation checked<%endif%>> Yes checked<%endif%>> No
A list of reserved usernames, one per line. No user may sign up with or change their username to any of the usernames listed here.
The following is used to restrict e-mail addresses. You should enter one pattern per line. Users will not be able to sign up with any matching e-mail addresss. Use a ? to match any single character and * to match any number of characters.
The title given to a user after making a certain number of posts.
The User table columns listed below cannot be changed via the profile. Note that you should not delete any value from this list unless you are absolutely sure of what doing so would allow.
Only fields entered here may be searched on using the member directory search. If you wish to add new search options (or sort options) you should enter the column names here.
A list (may contain ranges using a dash) or characters (In hexidecimal notation using \xXX where XX is the hexidecimal number) which are not allowed in usernames. If you wish to disallow usernames with -'s in them, you must put the - at the end.
The maximum length of a username. May not be greater than 50 characters.
The minimum length of a username.
By default, new users will be taken to the main page the first time they log in. You can, optionally, take them directly into one of the profile pages using this option.
This option, if enabled, allows users to change their username.
username_allow_change checked<%endif%>> Yes checked<%endif%>> No
This is the cookie path that will be set for any users who are using cookie-based authentication.
This is the domain for which any cookies set will work. If blank, cookies will work for whatever domain accessed. If your server is www.example.com and it is also accessed via example.com or via anything.example.com you should set this to: '.example.com'
If set, the names of all cookies ('session' or 'remember') will be prefixed with this. If you are using a cookie path something like '/', you will need to set this to use more than one forum on the domain. Other programs may also try to set a "session" or "remember" cookie that would interfere with Gossamer Forum's cookies. Note that changing this value will render all cookies invalid and all users (including users who have used the "Remember Me" function) will be required to log in again.
The amount of time a user will stay listed on the "Who's Online" page. Minutes.
User sessions will time out after this number of minutes of inactivity. If a user is continually active, their session will not time out.
If enabled, users may use HTML in their signature. Not recommended.
signature_allow_html checked<%endif%>> Yes checked<%endif%>> No
If enabled, users may use markup in their signatures.
signature_allow_markup checked<%endif%>> Yes checked<%endif%>> Yes, but no images checked<%endif%>> No