Ace Password v3

This readme is quite skinny at the moment, but all it is doing is covering the basics of how to use Ace-Password.

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Setting Up The Script

The setting up of Ace Password could not really be easier. Simply do the following;

#1 - Open up the script in a text/perl editor (notepad/wordpad/textpad etc).

#2 - Edit the first line of the script to match your path to Perl (see here for more info)

#3 - Edit the $password variable on line 3 to whatever you want to set as the admin panel for the script

#4 - Upload to your server and CHMOD the script to 755 and the folder it is in to 777. Tutorial here.

That's it for this part, now move onto 'setting up the protection'.

Setting up the Protection

Now you have done the hard part, this is relatively easy ;)

First of all, goto acepassword.cgi wherever it is located on your server. Call it via a browser like You should be prompted with a page asking you for a password. If not, then double check everything was done ok in the first step. If you are shown this page, then enter whatever you had defined in '$password' in step 3 on the first section. If you enter it correctly you should get a window appearing with a welcome message, and a menu to your left. At the moment, all you need to do is click on the 'Setup .htaccess files' link. This will bring you to a page which asks you several things, complete them correctly and then press submit.

Path : This is the 'path' to the folder where the script is. For a related article that touches the point of paths, please click here.
Area Name : This is what you want the area to be will be displayed when the pop-up window appears and asks for a username/password.
Are you on a cobalt server? If you are on a cobalt server, then be sure to tick this. It has to insert an extra line in the .htaccess file for it to work correctly.
Admin username and password :  This is the default password that will be set up when the .htaccess file is first created. New users can be created later.

After submitting this form, it will hopefully say that the .htaccess files have been successfully generated, and a user has been added. The next link you click on should then make a grey box appear asking you for a username and password for this realm. Enter the username/password combination you did a second ago in the last step, and it should then let you view the pages. Now you have basic .htaccess protection setup, feel free to explore the other features, they are very easy to use ;)


TOS (Terms of Service) and Usage

This script may be used on as many servers as is needed. It may not be redistributed in and format or medium without EXPRESSED written permission. Ace-Installer accept no responsibility for and damages that may occur from the use of our script. Including, and not limited to server down time, lost money and damaged data. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.


(c) All Rights Reserved.