<%-- File ==== message_list.html Description =========== When you check your private messages, this is the page you see. --%> <%site_title%>: Messages <%include include_css.html%> <%body_tag%> <%include include_header.html%>
<%set keep_title = 'Kept messages are not deleted when you click "Delete All Messages"'%> <%body_table%>
<%hidden_form%> <%title_font%><%site_home%>:<%/title_font%> <%title_font%> Messages <%/title_font%> <%include include_logo.html%> <%body_font%> <%if num_deleted%> <%num_deleted%> message<%if num_deleted != 1%>s have<%else%> has<%endif%> been deleted.
<%endif%> <%if sent_num_deleted%> <%sent_num_deleted%> sent message<%if sent_num_deleted != 1%>s have<%else%> has<%endif%> been deleted.
<%endif%> <%if keep_updated%> Your kept message selection has been stored.
<%ifnot num_messages%> You have no messages.
<%else%> You have <%num_messages%> message<%if num_messages != 1%>s<%endunless%>:  •  <%num_new%> NEW  •  <%num_read + $num_replied%> READ  •  <%num_replied%> REPLIED
<%body_font%> <%set num_page_items = $num_messages%> <%include include_paging.html%> <%/body_font%>
<%top_row%> <%top_row_font%> <%if sb eq msg_status%> <%endif%>Status <%/top_row_font%> <%-- Stretch this out as much as possible --%> <%top_row_font%> <%if sb eq msg_subject%> <%endif%>Subject <%/top_row_font%> <%top_row_font%> <%if sb eq msg_username%> <%endif%>From <%/top_row_font%> <%top_row_font%> <%if sb eq msg_time%> <%endif%>Received <%/top_row_font%> <%top_row_font%># Att.<%/top_row_font%> <%top_row_font%> Keep<%/top_row_font%> <%top_row_font%> Delete<%/top_row_font%> <%GForum::Utils::new_alternation(messages)%> <%loop messages%> <% if msg_status == 0%> New <% elsif msg_status == 2%> Replied <% else%> Read <% endif%> <%body_font%> <%msg_subject%> <%/body_font%> <% -- The 's and nbsp's here make sure that the line does not wrap and that spaces in the username show up -- %> <%body_font%><% if user_id%><%nbsp msg_username%><% else%><%nbsp msg_username%><% endif%><%/body_font%> <%body_font%><%nbsp msg_date%><%/body_font%> <%body_font%><%msg_num_attachments%><%/body_font%> <%if msg_keep%><%endif%> checked<%endif%>> <%endloop%>
<%body_font%> <%include include_paging.html%> <%/body_font%>
<%endif%> <%-- Below this is the "Sent Messages" display. --%> <%GForum::Message::sent_messages%> <%if sent_num_messages%>

You have sent <%sent_num_messages%> message<%if sent_num_messages != 1%>s<%endunless%>:
<%body_font%> <%set num_page_items = $sent_num_messages%> <%include include_paging.html%> <%/body_font%>
<%top_row%> <%top_row_font%><%if sent_sb eq msg_subject%> <%endif%>Subject<%/top_row_font%> <%top_row_font%><%if sent_sb eq msg_username%> <%endif%>To<%/top_row_font%> <%top_row_font%><%if sent_sb eq msg_time%> <%endif%>Sent<%/top_row_font%> <%top_row_font%># Att.<%/top_row_font%> <%top_row_font%> Keep<%/top_row_font%> <%top_row_font%> Delete<%/top_row_font%> <%GForum::Utils::new_alternation(sent_messages)%> <%loop sent_messages%> <%body_font%> <%msg_subject%> <%/body_font%> <%body_font%> <% if user_id%> <%msg_username%> <% else%> <%msg_username%> <% endif%> <%/body_font%> <%body_font%> <%nbsp msg_date%> <%/body_font%> <%body_font%> <%msg_has_attachments%> <%/body_font%> <%if msg_keep%><%endif%> checked<%endif%>> <%endloop%>
<%body_font%> <%include include_paging.html%> <%/body_font%>
<%endif%> <%/body_font%>

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