Usability Testing

Your site looks great and makes sense to you... but what about your users? Professional usability testing from Gossamer Threads can offer objective data about how people using your site for the first time respond to it

Usability Testing

What Usability Testing Offers

Usability testing gives you valuable insight into the first impressions your site makes and how new users interact with it. This process begins with collecting a variety of hard data from users visiting your site for the first time.

By examining their responses, we can begin to evaluate what aspects of your site work, and where improvements can be made. The goal is to develop modifications which attract more users, increase site exploration and online purchases, reduce user error, and improve user satisfaction. These issues are almost always difficult to identify in-house.

Having your target market verbalize their thoughts on and demonstrate their engagement with your website is indispensable knowledge.

How It's Done

We collect data at a lab created exclusively for user testing. Custom test flows are developed based on your site's unique architecture and goals, as well as userbase. In addition to collecting user feedback, all interactions with the site are tracked: which links are clicked, how long pages are visited, and, using eye tracking technology, even which parts of a particular page are looked at or read and which parts are skimmed over.

Usability Eye Tracking

This data is collated and organized in a variety of fashions, including "heat maps" which graphically show how users interact with your site.

The results of user tests are analyzed and shaped into reports, with breakdowns for each page and feature on your site. User feedback, positive and negative, as well as overarching patterns and trends are included.

Usability Heat Map

Most importantly, clear, actionable recommendations are provided, giving you a blueprint for making your site more attractive to users and more in-step with your goals.

Why Gossamer?

By offering a single point of contact for both site development and site usability, choosing Gossamer streamlines the process of launching your new site or unveiling a makeover.

Moreover, it allows for constant dialog between developers and usability testers: testing feedback can be integrated into new designs and functionality, and tested again in a fraction of the time it would take to pass work between separate development and testing companies, while you're kept in the loop every step of the way.

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