Page load time is an important factor in giving your visitors a smooth and seamless web experience. With search engines using page speed as a factor in their search ranking algorithm, websites need to make sure their content is delivered in a fast and efficient manner.


You might be surprised to hear this, but studies show that users will not tolerate page load times of more than 4 seconds! With the increasing amount of information available online, users’ patience has simply been decreasing.

Everyone deserves a fast web experience, and providing that experience is all about optimization. We consult with website owners to help them determine the sources of inefficiency within their sites, and make recommendations on how to improve their overall performance. Often, sites which load fairly quickly can be made even faster yet by taking best practices into account.

Odds are you want your customers to get into your site content, instead of just waiting for images and scripts to load. Faster page loads are just one way of giving a better user experience. An additional benefit of optimization is the reduction of bandwidth and hosting costs by eliminating redundant data and inefficiencies.

If you are interested in making your site faster, please contact our website optimization experts.

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GTmetrix is a performance analyzer (built by Gossamer Threads) that helps organizations determine their website’s page speed, and discover ways that sites can be improved: from compressing script components to reduction of cookie sizing and DNS lookups.
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Case Study

See how Gossamer Threads worked with LoHud.com to optimize their Wordpress website, bringing their page load speed from 16.3 seconds to 0.14 seconds!
GT and LoHud.com: WordPress Optimization

They said

“Gossamer Threads has been reliable, affordable, and professional. They have met and exceeded every expectation I have had for a large-scale hosting solution for our popular Wordpress-powered blogs. With their expertise and support, they have helped improve the performance of the LoHud Yankees Blog, which is one of our company’s most popular and prized products.”

Jeffrey Marx
Web Developer, LoHud.com