Ever apply for a job never to hear back? We know how that sucks; here are some quick answers to common questions.


Does Gossamer Threads offer employee benefits or incentives?
Yes, we offer extended health after the first three months of employment, as well as continuing education and performance bonuses.

Do you accept resumes from individuals who are overseas?
Most certainly; we’d be happy to receive an application from you.

How many people work for GT?
We have 30 full-time employees on site.

How often do you hire new people?
We typically bring on a new person every 3 months.

After applying, when can I expect to hear back from GT?
If you seem like a suitable fit, we’ll probably contact you within a couple of business days.

What programming languages do you utilise?
We use many, but predominantly Perl, PHP, and Java.

What degrees are required to work at Gossamer Threads?
We don’t have any specific degree requirements; nevertheless, many come to us with a great deal of applied experience. Additionally, many of our staff members do have degrees in Computer Science.

Do I need to reapply if I notice a more suitable position posted?
Yes, that’s generally a good idea. Although we keep our eye on people of interest, sometimes we don’t think to include those folks in our search for new candidates. It’s nice if you let us know if something new really matches your skillset.

Does Gossamer Threads make any foreign work opportunities available?
We do have a small satellite office in Malaysia, and a number of clients around the world (with associated travel requirements and opportunities). Nevertheless, we don’t have any formal foreign work opportunities.

Do you ever hire subcontractors?
On the odd occasion we bring in outside help, but this happens rarely. Our staff is quite diverse and experienced and therefore we can handle most tasks without additional assistance.

I didn’t hear back, is something wrong with my resume?
We know this is a point of concern for folks who haven’t landed a position. Unfortunately it’s difficult for us to respond to this question, as we do receive a large number of applications. Many talented people apply for positions at Gossamer Threads, and sometimes there just isn’t a good fit or suitable opportunity. If you’re convinced that you should be working here, we ask you to simply apply again when another posting is made available. You might also like to meet us at a Perl get-together, as these can prove a nice opportunity to get to know one another.

Who should I send my resume to?
All applications should be sent to jobs at gossamer-threads dot com. Please don’t call us, though. At this stage, e-mail is the nicest way to correspond, given the number of applicants we generally have. Thanks for your interest in Gossamer Threads!

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