Gossamer Threads is home to a diverse range of talented individuals who work together well. We’re passionate about our work, respect one another, and support our peers in their growth.


Our people are eager to learn and quick to adapt

There are a number of characteristics commonly shared by Gossamer’s people. We’re eager to learn and adapt to new technologies - with the speed at which technology changes, we can’t afford to be left behind. We’re also active in the tech community, and encourage one another to improve and expand upon our existing knowledge and skills.

Those with passion and curiosity will fit right in

The people who fit here are uniformly passionate about their work. They’re curious self-starters — not waiting for solutions to be handed to them. You’ll find your (potential) peers at Gossamer Threads to be resourceful and helpful, working comfortably on their own and within teams. This results in solid, dependable solutions for our diverse and interesting clients.

An ability to multitask is essential

We work in an environment where everyone feels comfortable to offer ideas and insights, and do what they do best, be it development, project management, or systems administration. GT’s managers are generally quite flexible, and ask the same of staff. Projects can change quickly, which requires us to shift gears and multitask accordingly.

We’re proud of our high employee retention

Our staff roster could be described as robust, flexible, well-trained, and stable - most of our staff has been here for at least five years. This is the result of an exhaustive vetting process that involves the submission of a code sample initiated prior to the interview stage. After this, prospective candidates meet with a hiring committee (typically comprised of a senior programmer, head project manager, our CEO and COO).

Up for the challenge?

If you love what you do — and are equally good at it — we’d love to hear from you. We are always seeking out good people who can join us. Sound interesting? Perhaps you should get in touch.

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