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Splash of the Titans!

Tarrin Author

Dueling Rafts

We were in a quandry as to how to entertain our British clients on their visit here to Vancouver. As British Columbians, we’re somewhat oblivious to the natural beauty surrounding us, tending to assume that our city and environs are boring – hardly of any interest to those from a place as historic as Europe.

Take our office’s location. We bill the Sun Tower as “historic” on our website, though at only 95 year old, its historic quotient is just not as impressive as we are fond of believing. As our guests entered our office, I overheard Brit #1 (Pete) remark to Brit #2 (Chris), “Cute new modern building eh?” (OK, so he didn’t say ‘eh’, this was added for Canuck flavouring. In fact, the entire conversation may have been fabricated, but there’s no proof of that.)

Come along with us while we walk you through our riveting rafting adventure!

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