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The Great Green Roof of Gossamer!


As part of Gossamer Threads’ ongoing commitment to sustainability, we’ve partnered with our landlord DeeCorp and fellow tenant TBWA\ to create a green roof on the building of our new office.

At the time, there was not much happening up on that flat tar & gravel expanse, but that was all to change soon enough!

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Introducing GT Office 2.0! (No, it’s not a publishing suite)

Bruce Author


At the end of January, Gossamer Threads packed up its longtime offices in the historic Sun Tower and moved smack into the middle of downtown Vancouver. We’ve settled into our new digs quite comfortably, aided in part by some slick interior design. Read on to take a photo tour of the new Gossamer Threads!

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Goodbye Sun Tower – Hello GT Office v1.99a

Bruce Author

Goodbye Sun Tower - Hello GT Office v1.99a

As you might’ve caught wind of, the times they are a-changin’ here at Gossamer Threads. Rolling stones gather no moss (okay, no more Dylan references), and we’ll be packing up shop and moving to our new digs in the heart of downtown Vancouver early in the new year. The new office is approximately 5,000 square feet – almost twice the size of our Sun Tower location!

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The Sun Tower Chronicles

Tarrin Author

Sun Tower and the Dominion Building

Since 1999, Gossamer Threads has been a tenant in an early 20th century building called The Sun Tower, a structure that enjoys special historical status in the young city (incorporated in 1886) of Vancouver. Built in 1912 for local newspaper The Vancouver World, the tower was the tallest building in the British Empire at the time of its completion, succeeding the previous record-holder, The Dominion building, located just two blocks away.

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