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Customizing Gossamer Links: Nothing but Blue Sky

Blue Sky Footage offers its users a virtual warehouse of a huge variety of high quality stock video footage: over 16 terabytes of it, to be precise. With that in mind, Blue Sky’s business model needs to be able to store and deliver large amounts of content swiftly and securely. We were able to heavily customize their site to streamline and simplify its operations.

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Custom Video Sharing: Gossamer Links & Venetubo

Gossamer Links and Venetubo

Venetubo is a video sharing site dedicated to Venezuelan news and content. The site has been developed using the Gossamer suite of products (Gossamer Community, Gossamer Forum and Gossamer Links), and is a great example of how extensively and productively these programs, especially GLinks, can be modified to develop nearly any kind of site!

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Home Services Engine: Local Listings, Global Power


Home Services Engine manages a massive, Gossamer Links-powered database of over 800,000 home service listings which allows its users to find the type of business they’re looking for in their neighborhood.

Delivering search results relevant to a user’s location quickly when you’re dealing with 7 gigabytes worth of listings from across the United States is no easy task, but Home Services Engine manages to return local businesses quickly and efficiently every time. Here’s how they do it, and how Gossamer Threads helped.

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Experience – powered by Gossamer Threads

Gossamer Threads recently completed development on the relaunch of Designed to be the ultimate resource for Malaysian culture, cuisine and travel, extensively uses Gossamer Links to deliver its content whether that’s in the form of hotel listings, recommended Malaysian dishes, or video galleries.

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Gossamer Links v3.3.0 Released!

Gossamer Links 3.3.0 Released

We’re happy to announce the release of Gossamer Links 3.3.0!

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