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Sneak Peak: Gossamer Threads Development Lab

Sneak Peak: Gossamer Threads Development Lab

I know many of you are wondering what we’ve been up to. The truth is – for better or worse – we’ve buried ourselves with work.

Admittedly, a good bit of the work was custom projects, as you probably all suspected – but we never forgot our product suite. And so, we worked on that too, giving our products some much needed TLC.

You’re also probably wondering why you haven’t heard of any developments until now. Well, as you all know, the rate at which this industry moves is fierce. Ideas, concepts and features come and go; Newer and “cooler” functionality gets enthusiastically adopted in the midst of developing previously championed ideas, thus adding layers of complexity to the end goal; Best practices are disputed constantly and shiny new technologies, in this our chosen industry, spring up overnight it seems.

With all this constant change, we felt it would be unwieldy to announce potential updates and features to our products – we’d feel even worse if we were unable to deliver on something we’d showcased as coming soon!

However, we came to realize that it’s not how we feel; it’s about how our user community feels. An even worse crime is leaving you in the dark, unaware of the developments of their beloved website platforms and applications.

And so today, we will shed some light!

Here’s a super sneak peak at the new Fileman v3.0 and Gossamer Forum v2.0.0

***Please note: Screenshots shown are in development stages and are subject to change. Don’t be too attached to what you see!

Fileman v3.0

Fileman has been given a total make-over, but it’s still that full-featured, web-based file management app you’ve come to know and love. The interface has been given an overhaul, updating the look to match the luna templates of the Gossamer Product suites, and oh yea…it’s been “AJAX-ified!”


Fileman Version 3 - Root Fileman Version 3 - Search Fileman Version 3 - Command FunctionFileman Version 3 - Upload Multiple Files Fileman Version 3 - Tools Fileman Version 3 -Settings

We’ll do a more intimate blog post about the new version of Fileman V3 in the upcoming weeks.

Gossamer Forum v2.0.0

One of our most long awaited software updates, Gossamer Forum has also been given a total overhaul. It features a ton of new functionality, including social media integration and enhanced RSS subscription features. Here are a few more at a glance:

  • Post Tagging
  • Positive Feedback System
  • Various AJAX’ed user interface features
  • Much more…

You can catch a glimpse of where the new version is heading at our support forums – consider it an Alpha release of GForum v2.0.0.

Gossamer Forum v2.0.0 is also the first product in our suite to feature our new admin panel. You’ll be able to manage your forum easier and more efficiently, plus it looks a lot prettier!

Some features include:

  • A dashboard home page – displays stats and other tools at a glance to streamline the maintenance of your forum
  • Improved user and forum management system
  • Enhanced usability through JQuery functionality
  • Restructuring of tools and setting options to make finding what you’re looking for a snap
  • Much more…


Gossamer Forum Version 2 - Home Gossamer Forum Version 2 - Forum Management Gossamer Forum Version 2 - Add ForumGossamer Forum Version 2 - User Management Gossamer Forum Version 2 - Bans Gossamer Forum Version 2 - Avatars

We’re still a bit away from a beta release, but know that we’re chugging away at Gossamer Forum and really working to push it out soon. Expect a more in-depth blog post in the near future.

Hopefully this look into our development process can put some of you at ease as to what we’re up to.