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Optimize Your Mobile Website With GTmetrix

Optimize Your Mobile Website With GTmetrix

GTmetrix is proud to announce mobile testing for your sites!

See how your website performs on an actual mobile phone and optimize your user’s experience on a wide variety of mobile devices.

Our mobile service is currently in beta, and so we are only offering mobile testing in our default Vancouver, BC. location and apologize in advance for any issues you might encounter.

Our mobile testing suite

We offer a few tools to help users optimize for mobile:

  • Page Analysis with Mobile Specific Rulesets
    We use Google’s Page Speed ruleset with their prioritization for mobile devices.
  • High Quality Video Capture
    Get real-time playback of your page loading on a mobile device. We offer full, high-quality video capture without impacting the results of your test.
  • More Detailed and Complete HAR Files
    Our mobile HAR files include DNS lookup time, blocking time, window.onload time and DOM loaded time – more accurate than any other mobile HAR file out there. SSL traffic is also properly captured.

Combined with our existing GTmetrix tools, developers can ensure that their site performs the best it can on mobile devices!

How we did it

After an intense period of research and development, we were able to interface GTmetrix with actual Android phones (Galaxy Nexuses).

Utilizing a combination of HDMI adaptors, video capture cards and WiFi configurations, a customized script connects to the Chrome browser application on the phones via WiFi and generates a report that focuses on a specific rule-set tailored for mobile phones (Page Speed Mobile).

android phone_blog
One of our Android phones in action

We’re not running simulated tests by restricting resolutions – we’re actually sending your URL to a real Android device!

Read more about our mobile features here ยป

Get Started With GTmetrix Mobile Testing

Since we’re still in Beta, we currently provide 2 devices for mobile analysis. You may experience a slight queue. PRO users however, will get higher priority for their mobile analyses.

As we mature the service, more devices for analysis as well as more device platforms (iPhones, other Android devices) are planned for the future as usage increases.

Best of all, it’s FREE for registered users! Log in to your GTmetrix account and give it a try. We’d love to hear your feedback!