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Head Chef Donut Does it Again – BCSPCA Treat Week 2019

For three years now we have celebrated the BCSPCA’s Treat Week which raises funds for animals in need.

Head Chef Donut greets guests in the lobby
On March 1st, Head Chef Donut once again hosted a delicious baked buffet of cupcakes, donuts, and cookies (again, only slightly licked).

Donut guards his donut wall from the safety of his dog house.

This year we took to the streets to drum up support for Donut’s donuts and our efforts really paid off! We increased our total donation by 20.67% from last year ($2,013), earning a total of $2,429! We did so well that Donut – and his human servant Ian – ranked in the Top 5 Individual Fundraisers!

To celebrate Treat Week Donut released one of his own recipes for you to make at home. It may require some special equipment, but the results are definitely worth the investment – just follow along with Donut! (results may vary)

This year we ate an incredible 84 donuts, 78 cupcakes (hey, some were mini!), and a wide selection of cookies. We would like to say thank you to our generous friends at Quantum Coffee who donated a selection of delicious cookies for our table.

An exhausted Donut calls it a day

After a long day of baking and posing for pictures our Head Chef took a long and well-earned nap, happy in the knowledge that the money he raised would go a long way in providing care for all of his furry, feathered, and scaly friends!