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Happy Valentine’s from Gossamer Threads! 4 Reasons to Show Appreciation at Work

A little bit of gratitude truly does go a long way! In the workplace, a heartfelt “cheers”, a quick email, or a simple handwritten thank-you note to acknowledge a job well done can increase productivity, improve well-being, and increase job satisfaction.

Here at Gossamer Threads we show appreciation in our own unassuming way. Last year in the spirit of Valentine’s, we offered “Anti-Valentine’s Day” with modest heart-shaped directives like “I h8te you because you are so nice. Stop it. But not really.”, or “I hate that you’re so unfailingly helpful whenever I need your help! Just kidding. I actually like that.”

“Anti-Valentine’s Love” at Gossamer

4 reasons to show appreciation to your coworkers:

  • Gratitude improves physical well-being. Gratitude is linked to better physical health. Studies show that grateful people have lower blood pressure, stronger immune systems, and healthier hearts. Writing in a gratitude journal for 15 minutes a day can even improve sleep.
  • Gratitude increases job satisfaction & productivity. When people feel appreciated, they are likely to be happier, & happiness leads to improved productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Gratitude improves psychological well-being. Grateful people are better equipped to handle stress, are more resilient, and experience fewer toxic emotions. They are more likely to experience empathy and behave in a prosocial manner even in challenging situations.
  • Appreciation is contagious. Appreciation, support and gratitude have a ripple effect. Offering appreciation can inspire others to appreciate others (and themselves!).

Cultivating gratitude doesn’t cost money, but the benefits are significant!

Gossamer’s “Anti-Valentine’s Day” Wall of (Anti-)Gratitude

We’re always looking for fun-loving, passionate folk to join our team here at Gossamer Threads. Interested in working for an appreciative, forward-thinking IT company in the heart of Vancouver? Check out our careers page!