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GTmetrix – A Free Speed Analysis Tool for Websites!

GTmetrix - A Free Speed Analysis Tool!

Speed is a critical element in a user’s experience of any website, and Google has suggested that load times may become a factor in page ranking. With this in mind, GT is excited to introduce a free tool for measuring the speed of your site.

GTmetrix subjects individual URLs to a range of tests developed by Google and Yahoo!, and presents the results in a detailed, comprehensive report complete with tips on how to improve your performance.

GTmetrix - Report Page
GTmetrix – Report Page

Why Is Speed Important?

Users want a site that loads fast, period. Studies have shown that many users will leave a site if it hasn’t loaded within four seconds. A faster web experience means more time spent exploring your site and more pages visited (and potentially more sales/ad revenue).

In some cases, speed optimization can significantly reduce server load and hosting expenses by correcting inefficiencies (in code, images and HTTP requests, among other factors). And, if you still need more incentive to look into speed optimization, as mentioned above, your site’s speed may become a factor in Google’s page ranking! (Source)

GTmetrix – Overall Summary

There are plenty of reasons to optimize the speed of your site, but in the end it’s about giving your users a more engaging, more rewarding web experience.

How Can GTmetrix Help?

GTmetrix analyzes your site’s speed and provides you with detailed resources on site optimization. Here’s how:

  1. 1GTmetrix uses Google’s Page Speed and Yahoo!’s YSlow tools to gauge the speed of a URL you provide.
  2. 2GTmetrix generates a report displaying the URL’s Page Speed and YSlow scores, along with detailed lists of the various rules used by each and how the URL ranked on each of them.

GTmetrix - Recommendations and Grading
GTmetrix – Recommendations and Grading

  1. Brief descriptions of specific issues are provided, along with links to Google and Yahoo!’s tutorials on how to remedy page speed issues diagnosed in the report.
  2. 3Report data is tracked, allowing you to review graphs of previous scores to chart your page’s improvement as you implement tips suggested by GTmetrix. Reports can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly.

GTmetrix – It’s free!

GTmetrix is live and ready to use, and we’ve got plenty more features and additions in the pipeline. GTmetrix is a free service, so please pass it on!

GTmetrix - A Free Speed Analysis Tool for Websites

We’re still in beta so we’d love to hear any and all suggestions on how to improve GTmetrix (or any bug reports), so drop us a line and tell us what you think!