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GT Support Forum Now Running Gossamer Forum v2.0!

Bruce Author

Hi there! I’m Bruce, Gossamer Threads’ prodigal son and technical writer, just returned from a two-year sojourn in academia. I’m back at GT working on documentation and bug testing, and have been enlisted by Tarrin and Ian to pick up their slack add to their work on the GT blog.

Check it out on our support forum!

It’s been a crunched couple of months with a couple of missed deadlines and plenty of Dr. Pepper, but we’re very proud (and relieved) to present an installation of Gossamer Forum 2.0 on our very own GT support forum. We’re doing this for two reasons.

Firstly, to weed out any last-minute bugs that might’ve slipped past us despite our best efforts – please feel free to report any issues you come across while using GForum 2.0 on the forum itself.

Secondly, we want to give the GT client community the chance to see firsthand the features new to this version of GForum before its official release.

New Features

  • Templates
    • A revamping of our popular luna template set
  • RSS Feeds
    • Subscribe to a particular forum, thread, tag, or search query and embed it alongside your other content feeds.
  • Tags
    • Add tags to your posts, and then browse tag clouds to find similar posts.
  • Favourites
    • Encourage good content by marking posts as favourites. Build an index of interesting or useful posts and keep an eye on forum-wide favourites.
  • Social Media
    • Personalize your profile page by displaying your YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and content (with more services to come) on it.
  • Buddy Lists
    • Create a list of friends on the forum and tailor your privacy and display settings to match it.
  • Ignore Lists
    • Ignore users and block their posts as well as any private messages
  • Settings
    • A complete reorganization of the user settings pages.
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
    • Thread and forum names now appear in the URLs of threads and posts, allowing search engines to spider your forum more effectively.
  • Post Reporting
    • Users may flag posts for review by moderators.
  • Privacy Options
    • Block private messages from specific users or groups of users, and choose who can and can’t see your forum activity. Also, choose to ignore posts from certain users.
  • New WYSIWYG Editor
    • Streamlined post editor, now with inline spell checking.
  • New Avatars and Smilies
    • We’ve introduced a new set of default user avatars, as well as a new JavaScript avatar selector. Also, an updated set of smiley icons.
  • Password Strength
    • A dynamic meter which rates the security of your password as you enter it.
  • Username Auto-completion
    • Ajax-based auto-completion on message addressing and user searches.

We’re currently working on our overhaul of the administrative side of Gossamer Forum (including some major changes to the admin panel itself). Once this is finished, GForum 2.0 will be officially released, and you’ll be able to have the same functionality and features you see on the GT forum on your own.