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Gossamer Threads is Running Wild!

Gossamer Threads at the Sun Run 2010

On May 9, 13 members of the Gossamer Threads office participated in a longstanding Vancouver tradition that’s become a big part of office life here at GT: The Vancouver Sun Run!

And They're Off!
And They’re Off!

Over 50,000 people from across the Vancouver area and around the world participated in the 26th Sun Run (the 2008 Sun Run set a world record for largest 10K run with 59,179 runners), and GT staffers spent months in training to be a part of it. The goal of the Sun Run is to “promote health, fitness and community spirit and to support amateur athletics”, nicely mirroring Gossamer Threads’ unofficial mission to encourage active employee lifestyles (though a suggestion to cancel TimBit Fridays nearly brought pickets to the office last week).

Janna and Bao set out from the office for a post-work training run.
Janna and Bao set out from the office for a post-work training run.

This is the fourth year that the Sun Run was an official GT event. Fitness is playing a larger and larger role in GT life, as anyone who was subjected to the constant peer pressure of “You doing the Sun Run this year? C’mon, everyone’s doing it…” around the office can attest.

The GT Sun Run Team! (most of them)
The GT Sun Run Team! (most of them)

Our own Alister West set an office record with a time of 47:34, but we still have a lot of time to shave off if we’re ever going to compete with the likes of Kenya’s Kip Kangogo and his winning 2010 time of 29:02. Better start eating your Wheaties, Alister! We placed 31st out of 63 teams in the high tech sector, many of whom had significantly larger teams from which to draw their top ten times for corporate ranking. We’re improving each year, so watch out, EA!

The GT team reconvened at a local watering hole to catch their breath and show off the blisters they’d just earned. We’ll spare you the photographic evidence of those horrors; let’s just say project manager Rick Morrissy had some doozies.