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Gossamer Links + Plugins = YouTube-y Video Gallery! Video Gallery - Powered by Gossamer Links

Every now and then we’d like to bring attention to a Gossamer product being used in a unique and novel way. uses a Gossamer Links installation with a few plugins to create their very own video gallery, allowing members to upload and share their thrilling base jumping experiences.

Main Video PageWith video being as common a media format than ever on the internet, asked us to adapt a Gossamer Links installation to handle and convert all manners of video formats for adventure seeking base jumpers to show off their crazy excursions.

Plug it in

Everything you see above is achieved by custom Gossamer Threads Plugins; no changes were made to the core code at all.

Upload Video

The plugins allow users to upload a video in any format which is then converted into a flash format (.flv) for faster loading and minimal size. In addition, the plugin grabs screenshots from the video and creates thumbnails (if none have been designated by the user) and even allows users to download the video in its original format. One of the best features our video plugin has is the ability to maintain Aspect Ratio. See your videos the way they were meant to be seen! is hosted with Gossamer Host, allowing for optimum performance for conversions and fast load times.

Same Classic GLinks Functionality

Individual Video Page

Essentially, everything you can do with a link in a standard installation of GLinks, you can do with a video now! This includes:

  • Adding Comments
  • Adding to a Playlist (previously the Bookmark function)
  • Rating a Video
  • Displaying Top Rated and New Videos
  • and more!

In addition, a tag cloud plugin lets users see what types of videos are being populated the most, and find related videos.

User Preferences

User Settings also uses the User Plugin, which allows individuals to set up their own settings and options when viewing the gallery of videos.

Visit to see the installation in action! As always, if you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us.