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Gossamer Links Google Base Integration!

Gossamer Links Google Base Integration!

Here’s a sneak preview of what we’re working on in the Gossamer labs – Google Base integration!

Google Base is a relatively new product from Google that acts as an online database, allowing users to submit any type of information. Products, images, recipes, real estate locations, and even personal profiles can be submitted to Google Base. Each entry is posted with attributes which increases its visibility in related searches.

If the entry is relevant enough, Google will submit it to their vast expanse of products, such as Google Maps, Google Product Search and even the main Google web search. What this means for site owners is more exposure for their products and services.

We’re integrating Google Base into, a real estate listing site, to get locations and properties listed automatically, increasing the chances for prospective landowners to find their dream property.

Automatic Submission

EagleStar Site Entry

Once a listing has been updated on the EagleStar website, the customized Gossamer Links installation automatically submits that information to Google Base. No manual entry of listings required!

What Google Base Sees

Google Base Site Entry

Everything is indexed nicely into GoogleBase, allowing for maximum categorization and relevant searches.

Plugin it in

Google Base Admin

The Google Base integration is achieved through a plugin – No modification to the core code is necessary. What you get is an additional admin panel that allows you to designate how you want Google Base to grab your information and also create attributes and assign formats to your entry.

More updates on our developments as they come!