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Gossamer Host and is a social media site, allowing users to create video channels and upload their own productions and clips. Users can even add a widget to their existing site, allowing the, “integration of user-generated video.”

What this means for readers is a specialized, targeted and most of all, relevant collection of video clips for their viewing pleasure. Connecting users to an overall message or theme has never been easier, thanks to

Handling the operation is quite an intensive load, however nothing is too big a task for the Gossamer Host servers!

For Developers

Hosting ServicesGossamer Host was set up by developers, and run by developers. We understand what it takes to get your site up and off the ground. When was in its infancy, it didn’t require much server power while in development. Gossamer Threads set it up with a shared hosting plan complete with all the bells and whistles needed to develop the site, including mod_perl, php, mysql and more developer tools. This helped to keep development costs to a minimum.


Once was ready to launch, we moved it from a shared server to a dedicated server so it could spread its wings. In a short period of time, began experiencing so much activity and demand for the site’s services, that it began to outgrow its dedicated server – it needed more power! Encoding videos and pulling together related content is very resource intensive, and so Gossamer Threads set them up with a clustered server solution.’s Seamless Server Transfer

In each step, from shared server, to dedicated, to clustered, the transition was seamless and trouble free. We were able to ensure that our hosting platform grew with the needs of, facilitating the process every step of the way.

Intimate Knowledge

We’ve got years of experience building mod_perl powered sites – which was great news for! Being powered by mod_perl, was able to truly feel at home with Gossamer servers. Built off’s specifications, the clustered infrastructure consists of numerous load balanced webservers, including high availability database servers, a dedicated video encoding server, and more. even had this to say about us:

“Then – there are the guys at Gossamer Threads. [They’ve] been our partners over these past few months of breakneck growth, cheerfully adding servers and lending a hand to debug new services as we’ve added them. These guys are amazing – and if you’re looking for a powerful but service oriented host – you can’t go wrong.”

– also uses Gossamer Forum to power their support forums, connecting all users together to share tips and give help to those who need it.

Gossamer Threads on

Check out Gossamer Threads’ own video channel! The setup was simple – we created the Gossamer Threads channel in under 5 minutes, with custom headers and footers! We’ve tagged the channel with videos related to Perl, Ajax, Web 2.0, and other internet-technology related goodies to pique your interest.

You can even grab a cool video widget for embedding on your site!