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Gossamer Forum for Mobile Platforms

GForum for Mobile Platforms

Mobile sites have been around for a while, however with the advent of the iPhone one can only expect more and more sites designed specifically with mobile devices in mind.

Enter – A custom Gossamer Forum installation that is optimized for mobile devices. All unnecessary content has been stripped to ensure fast loading times on low-bandwidth connections. Read on to see how we did it!

What is .mobi?

Mobi Logo

.mobi is a relatively new domain name that promises optimized content for mobile devices. Any site with a .mobi domain will be 100% compatible with a mobile platform, guaranteeing viewers a pleasant surfing experience in their smaller screened devices.

Make it Mobile

On a Mobile Device Home Page Main Forum Pages Thread

Gossamer Forum was used to build the backend of this forum, but to make it accessible to mobile devices, a simple and stripped template was used to style the site. Users can get tips or post up prime locations for fishing, whenever and wherever they are.

Streamlining Usage

Post Reply

Navigating on a mobile platform can be an arduous task. We made sure that users had -the most pleasant experience while surfing by integrating the user sign-in right into the forum’s reply and post pages.

Removing one page to load can significantly help in reducing bandwidth costs and increasing speed!

Click here to read more about the .mobi domain!

Interested in making your site mobile? Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to help out.