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Green Thumbs & Green Beer at Gossamer Threads

This year Gossamer Threads rang in the New Year with style – by celebrating our first Non-Casual Friday! Our typically laid-back team displayed their finest duds, eliciting a heartfelt nod of approval from our peeps. Later we flaunted our superior fashion, heading out for drinks and eliciting stares of envy and admiration from local pub-goers.


Our stylish New Year continued with the re-birth of GT Poker night. Team members quickly discovered that GT has quite a few covert poker sharks (not to name any names… Bao).


At GT we have always celebrated our diverse culture. This year we celebrated Chinese New Year by sharing delicious Chinese food from the sumptuous New Town Bakery. Everyone loves food, and what better way to start a conversation then by sharing some delectable coconut buns!

More recently in February, we celebrated “Anti-Valentine’s Week.” Stereotypically Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show your loved ones how much you care, but “love” is about more than just romance, and people should show their appreciation each and every day! We wanted to celebrate a Valentine’s Day that represented human connection, appreciation, gratitude, inspiration, empathy, and kindness for our loved ones, co-workers, and most importantly, pugs.


In March, we welcomed Vancouver’s early Spring (take that, Toronto!) with a new rooftop garden. GT Garden is a volunteer-driven initiative created, and tended to, by our resident green thumbs. Special thanks to Bao for being our unofficial garden advisor! We are looking forward to our organically-grown tomatoes, peppers, kale, arugula, lettuce, peppers, and more (unless the pigeons outwit us).


St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated by all with delicious (and off the clock) beers and cheers. Check out Tarrin, Lauren, and Donna displaying their beverages of choice.


As our fantastic weather continues we have been able to enjoy our beer on the rooftop, cracking open ye old barbeque nice and early this year with some jumbo smokies! We look forward to further merriment in the glorious sunshine (sorry Gunnar! He’s working remotely from coooold Iceland).


To work off our smokies, many of us participated in the Vancouver Sun Run. It was a beautiful day full of fun, sun, and very little actual running.