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Employee Profile: Sydney!

It’s been a while since we got up close and personal with one of our fellow Gossamer Threadians on the blog to find out a bit more about them and what they do around the office, so allow us to introduce Sydney, one of our web designers who’s been here at the office for about a year and a half.

Name: Sydney Hake
Reason for being: Web Designer
Quote to live by: “Life is too short to be self-conscious.”

Sydney & Snuggie
Everyone in Sydney’s corner of the office insisted that she be photographed wearing her Snuggie. She’s been pining for one (quite vocally) for months and it just arrived this week.

Sydney At Work

Sydney heard about GT through the company she was doing her BCIT practicum with, Base-10. Base-10 are fellow Perl-loving folks, and even have a few former GTers in their ranks. Sydney says “they emphasized the all around awesomeness of the place, and encouraged me to apply for a design job here. It was basically a dream come true when I got the call to come in for an interview, couldn’t contain my excitement. There was lots of flailing and jumping.” Jack and Alex confirm the jumping. Thankfully, she’d already gotten the job.

Sydney and our lead designer Ian take on web design jobs as a team, and work closely to keep projects flowing and progressing. In addition to pure web design, Sydney also works on a large amount of front end development, primarily HTML and CSS, before passing templates over to our developers who add functionality (“but sometimes I get to sprinkle in a little bit of JavaScript or PHP”).

New Platforms, New Designs

A new technique Sydney’s been using a lot lately is responsive design. A responsive web site is designed to respond to the various screen sizes that exist today due to the growing number of mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, etc). The idea is to use a single site template, and code it so that the layout would be optimally displayed on each device.

Responsive Design
Responsive Design adjusts to browser type and size.

For example, mobile devices require larger fonts and buttons for finger interactivity, but don’t always require every single element that would be displayed normally on a full monitor. If you resize your browser window on a responsive site, you should be able to see the triggers and changes within the page for different screen resolutions. You can take a look at some responsive websites in action here.

Sydney At Play

While not at work Sydney’s usually out and about with friends or watching movies and eating popcorn. Sydney loves popcorn. While a bit of a couch potato (c’mon, you saw the Snuggie), Sydney tries to hit the gym or do yoga a couple times a week (“although I would rather be on the couch in all honesty”). She’s a big reader, and recently powered through all of the Song Of Fire And Ice books in a couple months. Said voraciousness has paid big dividends at the semi-regular Game of Thrones board games sessions which happen after work at the office, where Sydney’s been kicking Lannister keister and taking names. Winter may be coming, but with her Snuggie, Sydney’s ready.

Sydney keeps her cards close to her chest during a lunchtime game of Dominion.

Working At GT

We’re always looking for passionate, motivated folk to join Sydney and the rest of us here at Gossamer Threads. Interested in working for a forward-thinking IT company in the heart of Vancouver? Check out our careers page!