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Employee Profile: Nathan March


Job Title: Director of Operations

Nathan joined the Gossamer team in 2008 to help drive the hosting side of the business. As Director of Operations, Nathan works at the heart and soul of our operation, overseeing everything from our servers and SysAdmins, to our network and storage systems. While you may work with Nathan every day, you probably don’t know much about him, so take a break and find out a bit more about the man behind the computer!

Nathan At Work

It is undeniable that Nathan has always been fascinated with technology; he taught himself to read and write code in elementary school by studying QuickBasic video game code, and has learned everything he knows through experience, passion, and curiosity. After graduating high school at 15, Nathan entered the boom/bust world of the .com start up. His first job was as a programmer at a search engine startup. There he discovered an interest in servers, and ignited a career-long enthusiasm for servers and systems.

At Gossamer Threads Nathan supervises the maintenance and upkeep of our server infrastructure, manages the SysAdmin department, resolves escalated issues, and implements client’s special requests. In short, Nathan does anything and everything. You can usually find Nathan at his desk helping clients, or at our data center where he installs and maintains our server infrastructure.

Nathan has loved technology for as long as he can remember

Nathan at Play

When Nathan is not at work or asleep he is bound to be trying something new. Nathan has tried every hobby from Salsa dancing to scuba diving. He has been to every continent and is always on the lookout for a new thing to try. His current hobbies include flying small planes, photography, traveling, and making drones. Along with our COO Jack, Nathan is working towards earning his pilot’s licence, and they recently took the opportunity to practice their skills down in San Francisco.



Scuba diving off the coast of B.C.

Scuba diving off the coast of B.C.


Nathan and Jack in front of an Icon a5

Nathan’s other hobby includes automating his whole house. He has installed Amazon’s Alexa System and through its voice recognition software he can control everything in his house from the lighting to the media center, and even temperature. His latest goal is to control his blinds and curtains with the system. Nathan has also automated his cats’ lives. Their food, water, and litter needs are all taken care of through motion sensors.

Pico & Io “at play”

Pico & Io “at play”

It’s not coincidental that Nathan’s house is run by a HAL-like system, as Nathan’s greatest ambition is to travel to space. He recently was able to visit SpaceX and is excited to see where space exploration leads to in the future.

Working At GT

We’re always looking for passionate, motivated folk to join Nathan and the rest of us here at Gossamer Threads. Interested in working for a forward-thinking IT company in the heart of Vancouver? Check out our careers page!