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Donut’s House of Cupcakes

Save a puppy, kitten or pony and make everyone’s day a little brighter with a scrumptious treat. What could be sweeter?” – The BC SPCA

On February 27th – better known as National Cupcake Day – Gossamer Threads raised $1,522.00 for the BC SPCA.

National Cupcake Day™ is a nationwide event in support of local shelters, SPCAs, and Humane Societies. Last year, animal lovers all across Canada raised over $615,000 in support of their favourite societies.

Every donation makes a difference:

  • $10 provides an enrichment toy for a cat to assist in behavioural development
  • $30 provides bales of hay to feed farm animals
  • $50 subsidizes emergency boarding costs
  • $100 provides warm bedding, heat pads and lamps to keep a puppy warm
  • $200 subsidizes medical treatment for an injured dog or cat
  • $500 keeps an Inspector on the road fighting cruelty for two days

We interviewed our own altruistic Pug Donut on National Cupcake Day:

GT: Donut, tell us about your pastry connection with cupcakes.
PD: Cupcakes are the distant relatives of my namesake. Though our shapes may be different – one holed and glazed; the other frosted and fancy – we achieve the same purpose, and fulfill the same destiny: to be sweet, fattening pick-me ups.

GT: What was your personal pledge for National Cupcake Day?
PD: I, Pug Donut, as the sweetest and fattest of all pastry-named pugs in the greater Vancouver area commit to supporting my people – baked-good and dog alike.

Very few cupcakes were licked or otherwise harmed in the performing of this complex canine maneuver.

GT: What was your call to action?
PD: For everyone to give to the cause, ensuring that all dogs – like a tray of cupcakes in a company lunch room – have a special place to go home to.

GT: You & Gossamer Threads have matched the funds raised on your online page & within your office for National Cupcake Day. What is behind your generosity?
PD: Each year thousands of my furry comrades across Canada are rescued by SPCAs and Humane Societies. The donations support the shelters, clinics and animal cruelty inspectors in our local community here in BC. Every cupcake & every dollar counts.

GT: Do you have a message to send out to the readership, donors, & Pug Donut followers?
PD: Fight cruelty with cupcakes and “bake” a difference for animals! Pugs need love, too.

The Benefits of Charitable Giving

In recent years, organizations have been making more effort to give back to their communities, as evidenced in Apple’s matching donations program, PepsiCo’s volunteer efforts, or Toms’ One-for-One program. Are these marketing strategies or genuine philanthropy? What sorts of effects do charitable acts really have on organizations and individuals? and Donut both matched donations made during the sale, and together we raised $1522!

One consideration is the “pay it forward” effect. Charitable giving has been found to benefit health and happiness. So if companies or organizations inspire their members to donate to charity, their members may improve their own health and well-being as well. In other words, organizational donations can have a positive effect—both on the charity receiving donations and on the members of the organization who may be prompted to donate.

Donut insisted on the giant novelty cheque. Kristina Matisic, representing the BCSPCA, was on hand to accept our contribution from Alex & Jack.

Overall, it was a smashing success! Thanks to all bakers, treat procurers and eaters/donors for your generosity & caring.