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Customizing Magento: Building the Ultimate E-Commerce Site

While Gossamer Threads does a lot of work with traditional CMS’ like WordPress and Bricolage, we also develop sites using other systems, like e-commerce platform Magento. Magento is designed to give retailers a wide range of tools to establish and develop their e-commerce web presence, all managed within a single system and interface. GT has been developing Magento for Zelen Shoes, and we’d like to use their site to showcase what we can do for other e-commerce sites in tandem with this unique platform.

A Unified E-Commerce Platform

Magento’s back-end admin panel gives you everything you need to manage and review all aspects of your e-commerce site from a single location. In addition to handling online shopping carts and sales, Magento provides product catalogs, prices and customer information, all accessible from an easy to navigate and searchable dashboard. Promotional tools, like sales and newsletters are also easily managed through the dashboard.

Magento Admin Panel
Magento’s Admin Panel

Modding Magento

While Magento is a powerful and versatile platform, it also comes with a steep learning curve, and needs to have a front-end designed to suit it. GT has been taking care of much of the hassle of setting up and developing Magento to meet Zelen’s needs.

  • We’ve set up inventory tracking across multiple locations, allowing employees to find out exactly how many of which products are in stock at other stores.
  • When a new item into catalog, sub-items (different shoe sizes, for example) can be automatically created, cutting down on data entry time and making adding new products much easier.
  • We’ve augmented Magento’s slow and unwieldy CSV import, speeding up imports from existing catalogs.
  • We installed a plugin allowing blog posts to be written and published, again all within the Magento admin panel.
  • Zelen’s entire site was customized to display the information they wanted their customers to see: featured products, bestselling items, recent customer reviews, videos, etc.

Zelen Homepage
GT heavily customized Zelen’s site to give them both a unified e-commerce platform and the features they wanted.

Magento and You

Whether you’re a web-only retailer or a bricks and mortar store looking to strengthen your online presence, Magento can give you an all-in-one e-commerce solution, and Gossamer Threads can help tailor it to fit your business’ unique needs. Get it touch with us to find out more.