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Custom Video Sharing: Gossamer Links & Venetubo

Gossamer Links and Venetubo

Venetubo is a video sharing site dedicated to Venezuelan news and content. The site has been developed using the Gossamer suite of products (Gossamer Community, Gossamer Forum and Gossamer Links), and is a great example of how extensively and productively these programs, especially GLinks, can be modified to develop nearly any kind of site!

Fine-tuning Gossamer Links

Venetubo’s development team has taken full advantage of the versatility of Gossamer Links’ table system. By adding dozens of custom columns, they’ve fine-tuned their database to allow multiple record types to be stored in it.

All of the relevant data needed to display videos, news items, and store products is contained within one single Gossamer Links installation.

Browsing Venetubo
Browsing Venetubo

Modular Functionality

In addition to its table editing features, Venetubo have fully availed themselves of Gossamer Links’ modular plugin system. Venetubo’s developers have installed plugins authored both by Gossamer Threads and our community of user/developers, and have even created a few of their own to suit the site’s needs.

Plugin Power!
Plugin Power!

Venetubo’s MMEncode plugin, for example, was designed to manage queues of videos uploaded by users as they are encoded into .flv format.

Other Cool Features

With the versatility and power of Gossamer Links behind them, and some inventive modifications, Venetubo have been able to develop a wide range of attractive features for their users:

  • An iPhone portal which lets users browse Venetubo on the go using a special template set.
  • A ‘track user’ feature which lets users follow the uploads of their favourite fellow Venetubo users.
  • Video downloads in multiple formats (PC, Mac, iPod, Blackberry, etc.)

…Safe and Supported!

In addition to utilising a range of Gossamer Threads’ programs, Venetubo turned to us when they realised that they needed to improve their hosting platform. We set them up with a pair of our Gossamer Host dedicated servers, and the results were dramatic.

We were happy with our existing setup at The Planet, but the single point of support where Gossamer is responsible for both the application and the hosting environment was very compelling, and their competitive rates provided even more reason to switch. We were pleasantly surprised by the performance increase of our new setup for both video encoding and mod_perl! We’re very happy with the hosting service provided by Gossamer Threads.
– Jesus Altuve, Venetubo Developer

To find out more about Gossamer Links and how it can give your site the versatility and stability it needs to grow, visit our Gossamer Links page, or check out Gossamer Host.