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Optimizing The Student Room

The Student Room

Site performance can be a complex issue, with all manner of interdependent factors conflicting and cascading in unexpected ways. When one of our clients’ sites starts experiencing problems which can quickly take a toll on their business, we take a methodical approach, examining all of the components that go into a website’s performance, and enacting a point-by-point plan which addresses front and back end issues. Here’s how we developed a solution for The Student Room, a high-traffic forum which ran into trouble after a routine software upgrade.

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Developing SMEinfo


Gossamer Threads has been working with AMEinfo, the premiere Middle Eastern business portal, for ten years. In that time we’ve been their primary technical partner, offering complete web hosting, development, and support services. When AME decided to broaden begin a new initiative, a brand dedicated to helping small and medium startup businesses get established in the United Arab Emirates, they came to us to help ensure that the site design and development would mesh with their existing website, while offering all of the site’s resources in as clear and simple a manner as possible. Here’s how we helped build SMEinfo…

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Redesigning AMEinfo

AMEinfo is the premier Middle Eastern business site, delivering news and other media to over 50,000 visitors per day. Gossamer Threads has been AME’s technical partner since 2002. We’ve developed templates, improved architecture, and upgraded their hosting platform as the site’s grown, helping the site grow and flourish to the point that it was recently sold for $27 million US. After the sale, the new site owners decided they wanted a fresh facelift for the site. Impressed with the role GT had played in AME’s success, they asked us to reinvent the site and create a new AMEinfo.

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Hello! Messenger: GT and Android Development

Hello! Messenger

Hello! Messenger is a free, cross-platform mobile chat app which lets iPhone and Blackberry users chat in pairs or groups while avoiding SMS charges. Hello! had a great product already on the market, but were looking to expand their userbase by releasing an Android version of the app with cross-platform functionality. That’s where GT came in…

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Fine Choice Foods and Gossamer Links

Fine Choice Foods is a family-run Vancouver company whose web presence needed a fresh start. Using the flexibility of Gossamer Links as the foundation of their site, Fine Choice was able to liven up their website and make it as tasty as their food.

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