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Safety Third!

Bruce Author

Deep in thought, or distracted by a bird?

Name: Orlando Vazquez
Reason for being: just another Perl hacker
Quote to live by: Safety third!

We’ve had plenty of new faces join the Gossamer ranks in the past year, so we thought it was high time to do another one of our employee profiles!

Early speculation that Orlando was taller than yours truly turned out to be nothing but slander on the part of the office’s usual gossipers (*coughTarrincough*), but either way, there are now at least two gangly dudes in the office who love heavy metal.

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The PHP Master

Tarrin Author

MichaelName: Michael
Reason for Being: PHP coder
Quote to live by: Is zere any more Cokes left?

Welcome the second of our ongoing employee profiles series, featuring the incomparable Michael (Don’t call him Mike)!

You may recognize Michael from previous blog post photos as the only person with a consistently stone-cold expression on his face. “Smiling is for ze weak”, he explains.

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Exploding high-five!

Ian Author

Aki MimotoName: Aki Mimoto
Role at GT: Code Master Supreme
Quote to live by: Exploding High-Five!

Looking at this photo, you’d probably think we hired a 19th century photographer with a ridiculously nice hat. But we at Gossamer Threads have not yet mastered the art of time travel – not yet at least.

Meet Aki! – The first in a series of our special interest pieces on Gossamer employees.

Read on to learn a little more about one of the star players here at Gossamer Threads.

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