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Stress and Performance Testing on The Student Room


Page load time and site stability are critical, especially when your business is your website. Knowing how a website performs under specific circumstances is essential for every business owner – a poor performance leads to lost revenue and customers.

The Student Room is the biggest online student community in the UK. Every year after highschool graduation, students start looking for the right university, often referred to as the Clearing Phase. During this period the traffic to The Student Room increases significantly. They asked us to ensure their site could withstand the surge in traffic they were going to be hit with.

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A Complete Look at Usability Testing

It’s easy as a designer or developer to think that your target market will behave in a certain manner – because it makes sense to you – but as we discovered, this is often not the case!

Designing a site and its workflow is often a “one and done” task. Sure, we sometimes get opinions from our colleagues and even reach out to our friends and family for feedback during the process, but the truth is these casual opinions aren’t really worth much.

Usability testing encompasses a whole range of tests and information gathering in the purest form possible – by having your target market actually use your site.

Gossamer Threads recently had the opportunity to participate and oversee a usability test for our client Given the novelty of their service, Wordy wanted to see if their site made sense to their target market, and if it was delivering an effective message.

What we discovered was truly enlightening.

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