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Busses, Skytrains, and Good Ol’ Fashioned Leg Power

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The Economist recently named our city, Vancouver, B.C., the most liveable in the world, based upon a variety of factors, one of which was the quality and ease of transportation infrastructure and public transit.

This (admittedly subjective!) distinction caused me to ponder my daily commute, and made me curious about that of my co-workers. As a company, Gossamer is committed to minimizing our environmental impact on the world and have taken various measures to “go green”, and I was interested to see whether individual Gossamer employees were also doing their part by taking mass transit, walking/biking/roller-blading to work, car-pooling or keeping their vehicle commutes to a minimum.

I received some interesting responses to the survey I sent out, captured here in a delicious pie chart:

Commute Pie Chart

SPC is self-powered conveyance, eg. bike,walk; and it seems like the developers favour this method, as it bolsters their mighty leg muscles – a necessary trait for programmers.

Translink SkytrainLuckily for many, the Gossamer office is situated a block away from our city’s light rail system we lovingly call The Skytrain, rendering a gruelling 23 km rush-hour commute from Coquitlam into a relaxing 20 minutes for Aki, during which time he undoubtedly plots world-domination on his laptop. Ian, on the other hand, tends to use this time to plot what he’ll have for lunch.

As North Shore denizens, Alex & Phil take a transit ferry called the Seabus across the scenic Burrard Inlet every day, avoiding the ugly bottlenecks that occur daily without fail on the two bridge crossing of the inlet. Phil rhapsodizes that: “A short morning seabus jaunt across the rain-swept harbour takes my breath away”, a sentiment that I doubt is shared by drivers waiting their turn to cross the Lions Gate Bridge. Phil does admit that the relaxation he feels while bussing doesn’t come without consequence; as when he falls asleep, misses his stop, and awakens in an unfamiliar place.

Vancouver Seabus
The majestic Seabus ferries away its passengers

Our resident super-athletes are Michael and Aaron, who both power their bicycles across our metropolis to work. Aaron reports that he loves the early-morning exercise and zooming past gridlocked traffic, but is not so impressed with the “Scary drivers who cut off bikers and then throw huge temper tantrums when they’re called on it.”

All in all, the Gossamer team takes full advantage of the transportation options this fair city has to offer. Bound by fossil fuels we are not!