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Baking with Barkos – Our BCSPCA 2018 Event for National Cupcake Day!

We are proud to announce that now has TWO Baking Barkos. On February 26th Donut and Spoof surprised the GT office with a buffet of gourmet, barely-licked, “fur-free,” cupcakes!

We were able to collectively raise $2013 for the BC SPCA’s National Cupcake Day Campaign!


For the second year in a row, Donut, and now Spoof, have teamed up to “save a puppy, kitten or pony.” Thanks to our co-workers’ penchant for cupcakes and GT’s matching of employee donations we were able to collectively raise $2013 for the BC SPCA’s National Cupcake Day Campaign!

Our donations will help shelters heal, and house pets across the Lower Mainland.

To promote their baking bonanza Donut, Spoof, and our GTmetrix product manager, Ian, created the following video (caution, it is optimized for “Awwww!”)

This year we were joined by the staff and students of our neighbour Brainstation. Donut was a great host, supplying plenty of cupcakes, selfies and kisses to his new friends. Between GT and Brainstation we were able to devour over 100 cupcakes.

Sufficiently stuffed with cupcakes, our GT team is now fuelled to train for our upcoming Vancouver Sun Run Race! Thanks to Donut and Spoof we look forward to trotting over the finish line with sugar-powered prowess. Wish us luck!

Cupcake Day Quick Facts

  • – We increased donations by 32% this year over last!
  • – Together with Brainstation we consumed over 100 cupcakes (hey there were mini ones too).
  • – Our cupcakes totaled almost 10,000 calories.
  • – A person would have to run about 140 Km to burn that many calories.
  • – Vanilla sprinkle turned out to be the surprise flavour favourite this year, beating out dark chocolate and red velvet.

Another year another smashing success! Thanks to all involved and eaters/donors for your generosity & caring.