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Aeroplan’s Request Tracker Hosting: Powered by Gossamer Host


Aeroplan is Canada’s premier coalition loyalty program. Enabling millions of members to earn and redeem Aeroplan Miles, Aeroplan works with more than 75 partners in the financial, retail, and travel sectors. Aeroplan’s internal servers process approximately 6000 transactions every day, and an operation of this size needed a reliable and rock-solid hosting solution. In close collaboration with Aeroplan’s techs, Gossamer Host mapped out an extra-redundant server cluster custom-fitted for their internal operations.

RT is Aeroplan’s tool for tracking technology issues and member support calls. It’s critical that this information be timely and flow smoothly between Aeroplan’s Technology, Business and Customer Service departments. Gossamer Host’s service offering was the right choice for this important system.
– Josee Russo, Aeroplan’s RT Project Manager

The Configuration

Aeroplan operates two separate Request Tracker installations: one for tracking support calls, and another for internal office data. With our Platinum Request Tracker plan, Gossamer Host developed a clustered hosting configuration to meet Aeroplan’s demanding service and performance levels.

The data from each application server and each database server is mirrored across the cluster, so that if any one node of the cluster fails, another can take over its duties instantaneously and for as long as is required to restore the failed node.

The Migration

Just as crucial to Aeroplan’s new hosting plan as the hosting cluster itself was the migration to the cluster from the old server farm. Gossamer Host mapped out the installations, and ran three different dry runs, transferring the data from the two installations to the new servers without any downtime. These dry runs gave Gossamer Host and Aeroplan’s sysadmins a precise estimate of the time and work required for the live migration.

After the data transfer, Gossamer Host tested the redundancy of the server cluster by disabling application and database servers, double-checking that the mirrored servers would seamlessly replace each other in case of live outages.

After these detailed dress rehearsals, the actual live migration of Aeroplan’s Request Tracker installations to the new Gossamer Host cluster went off without a hitch. 21 gigabytes of compressed data were moved in the space of four hours, and Aeroplan’s RT installations were offline well within their scheduled maintenance window. The dry runs had given Aeroplan’s staff the time and information they needed to prepare for the downtime, resulting in a minimum of inconvenience for their users.

The Result

The transition of our hosting and support to Gossamer Threads was well planned and seamlessly executed. Gossamer was hands-on in learning about our business and customized RT applications. They delivered all applications as scheduled, in working order and with no loss of data. They met our standards and surpassed our expectations for a successful migration.
– Josee Russo, Aeroplan’s RT Project Manager

To find out how Gossamer Threads can tailor a server cluster to meet your hosting needs, whether its support for internal applications like RT or a high-traffic public site, read more about Gossamer Host.