About the Writers

The Gossamer Blog is mostly maintained by the only two three non-computer progammer/developer/support people in the company. For the sake of authenticity and accuracy, we have opted to write each others bios, as to combat any padding of traits and or characteristics. *ahem* Tarrin *ahem*


IanIan is the head writer and general mastermind of the Gossamer Blog, who previously cut his journalism teeth as editor of his University rag, The Buzz at SFU.

He is determined to showcase Gossamer’s human side, a not unsubstantial task, given Gossamer’s programmer to civilian ratio.

A mover of lips (own) while reading, Ian is the youngest member of the Gossamer team. He can often be heard amusing his co-workers with a spot-on imitation of his Mother’s Vietnamese accent.


TarrinTarrin is our receptionist, bookkeeper and finance department all rolled into one. If you’ve called the GT offices, you’ve probably heard Tarrin’s patented, “Good Morning! Gossamer Threads!” greeting.

As a seasoned Badminton player, she dominates the courts of Vancouver, BC with her relentless backhands and outclasses the youngsters with her centuries years of experience.

When she’s not smashing birdies and crunching company numbers, Tarrin enjoys an exhilarating life consisting of House M.D., logic and reasoning puzzles, having 7 ketchups with her McDonald’s fries and her most favourite thing in the world: doing taxes.


BruceBruce has recently returned to the Gossamer fold while on hiatus from bouts of schooling. As a career English & Cultural studies student, Bruce is of course both feared and reviled by most of Gossamerdom. He returns to us as our technical writer and meticulous bug tester.

A music buff, Bruce collects albums of his favourite artists on an old, antique format (CDs I think they call it), and DJs at some of Vancouver’s most elite underground superclubs. We tried to get in last time, but they told us, “if you don’t gots the cash, you shall not pass.” Apparently it was “Lord of the Rings” Saturdays that night.

Bruce got off to a bit of a rocky start with the rest of the Blog staff by refusing to change his shirt for his staff photo shoot (Tarrin thinks it’s grandiloquent), but hopes are high that the Blog will benefit from a healthy dose of Brucie Goodness.