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A Mailing List Integrated Into Gossamer Forum

Mailing List with Gossamer Forum

Gossamer Forum is one of the most popular products in our lineup and as with most of our products; it can also be modified to handle more tailored solutions.

The mailing list archive was created in a burst of programming inspiration one night as some of our developers were working with MythTV and were frustrated with the lack of a good search engine for the mailing list. Over the years, we’ve expanded it to include a lot of the technologies used in our hosting platform and in our product and custom development work. Internally we now use it on a day to day basis to keep up to date on new technologies.

This integration also boasts a number of great features:

Scalability and Robustness:

Immense Scalability

Gossamer Forum can handle a lot of content. This particular example currently has 3,927,727 posts in 154 different lists and growing! With Gossamer Forum, you can expand without worrying about any decrease in performance.

Customized Functionality:

RSS Subscription in a Mailing List

Our mailing list uses a POP3 plugin to load e-mail and convert it into a forum post automatically. In addition, Gossamer Community is used to tie all the authentication tasks together under a single login.

We added RSS support via a new template and a global. A variety of RSS formats lets users decide how they want their information delivered:

RSS by new topics:

RSS by new posts:

Click here to find out how to add RSS feeds to your own GForum installation!


Rather than subscribing to multiple announcements lists, you can use Gossamer Forums built in digest feature to receive nightly digests of all new posts. We use this internally to track announcements from a variety of products.


Anti-Spam Image Encryption of E-mail Addresses

We value user’s privacy, and want to make sure harvesters don’t come along and grab peoples email addresses from the list. Our mailing list encrypts e-mail addresses from subscribers and turns them into images, so that spam harvesters can’t get to them.

Take a look at our mailing list in action! If you have any questions as to how Gossamer Forum can be modified, please feel free to contact us!