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A Look Back: Past Designs

Ian Author

Gossamer Logos: Past and Present

We’ve been in business for quite a long time now and with the 4th iteration of our site recently released, we’ve been inspired to take a look back into the past. Take a look at what used to be, in all its nostalgic glory!

The Very First

Version 1The year was 1995. Celine Dion was taking the world by storm, and a 1 GB harddrive cost $300,000 (OK maybe not that much). The very first website was designed by Alex Krohn himself. The site utilized an image-mapped navigation menu and was only designed to be 1300 pixels wide; there were no monitors at the time that could display more than that! (Those with widescreen monitors can see the background repeat itself after 1300 pixels). Version 2

Version 21998-1999 was an exciting era for computing; processor speeds reached a blazing 750Mhz, the iMac had just been released and of course, the Y2K bug was at our doorstep. Amidst all of this chaos however came another revamp of our site! This iteration used tables to achieve the desired layout effect–quite a popular method at the time! We only offered 3 products; File Manager v1.0, Database Manager v2.04, and Links Manager v1.11. Version 3

Version 3The third version of was maintained the longest, and gave Gossamer Threads its iconic black and green color scheme. Originally, the site had a Flash splash page that aimed to dazzle incoming traffic, but frequent users of the site found it very peculiar; hypnotizing though it may be, it was removed shortly after.

The site was also the launching pad for our support forum, using Gossamer Forum as its backbone. With over 20,000 registered users and over 300,000 posts, it stands as an example of our devotion to continuous user support. Version 4

Version 3This 4th version of Gossamer Threads brought us back to a level of simplicity and clean lines. The goal was to be as lightweight and fast loading as possible; we wanted to appeal to developers and other techies who valued a speedy site. We also updated our dated “black and green” color theme to a fresher “blue, green and light grey” scheme.

Of course, this version also introduced the wildly popular Gossamer Blog, which we use as a platform to showcase our most crowning achievements.

Our latest redesign by the good folks at smashLAB has brought us to a whole new level. With more information, case studies and new services, we hope to make your decision easy when choosing a technology partner for your business.