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Nathan’s MySQL Crash Course: Part One

Nathan's MySQL Crash Course: Part One

Our senior sysadmin, Nathan March, has been compiling some notes on MySQL and InnoDB for internal use, but we thought they might be of some use and interest to a broader audience. We’ve split Nathan’s insights up into three posts which we’ll be posting daily. First up, Nathan talks about the distinctions between MyISAM and InnoDB, two of MySQL’s storage engines:

I initially started writing this for sysadmins but thought it might be of use to programmers on the whole to help give some insight into MySQL’s storage engine, how they work and why they do certain things. Hopefully this will help demystify things a little on how InnoDB and replication work internally.

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Customizing Magento: Building the Ultimate E-Commerce Site

While Gossamer Threads does a lot of work with traditional CMS’ like WordPress and Bricolage, we also develop sites using other systems, like e-commerce platform Magento. Magento is designed to give retailers a wide range of tools to establish and develop their e-commerce web presence, all managed within a single system and interface. GT has been developing Magento for Zelen Shoes, and we’d like to use their site to showcase what we can do for other e-commerce sites in tandem with this unique platform.

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