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10 km x 11 Years and Counting

Monday mornings are always hard, and the Monday after the Sun Run proved to be no exception. Throughout the office, calf muscles were tighter and backs were stiffer, but there was also the air of triumph.

On Sunday, April 23rd, for the 11th year in a row, Gossamer Threads participated in the 33rd Annual Vancouver Sun Run, which is one of Canada’s largest 10K road races and the 3rd largest timed 10K in the world!

Runners at the starting line in downtown Vancouver, Canada – we’re in there!

As always, the weather defied the gloomy forecasts, providing us with perfect running conditions. We were all smiles as we met at the office to collect our race bibs and listen to Adrian’s inspirational pre-run speech. At the starting line we joined over 41,000 runners and walkers, warming up with some stretches and laughs.

Tarrin and Ian get pumped up at the starting line

While waking up early on a Sunday is always difficult, we have come to love our GT Sun Run tradition. Whether we are walking or running, we always have a great time, and we never get too jealous of our resident running enthusiasts who leave us in the dust. This year we had 3 people finish the race in under an hour, while the rest of us enjoyed walking, chatting and taking in the festivities. Next year we are hoping to break the 10 km record time of 27 minutes!

There was an element of danger as these two T-Rexes decided to run as well

After the run we competed in our second race of the day – the race to our lunch reservations! We refueled and treated ourselves to a well-deserved spread at Steamworks.

Exhausted and ravenous post-run, we feasted at Steamworks

Despite the post-run aches and pains, we all had a great time at the Sun Run and look forward to continuing this great team tradition.