We’ve been around for a while, working with many different clients in varied industries. We know how to help clients navigate potential minefields, and provide strategic advice in addition to technical thinking.


Development is our strength

Gossamer Threads has been developing web applications since 1995 and continues to evolve and advance by offering the latest versions of our reliable, sophisticated web applications such as Gossamer Links, Gossamer Forum, Gossamer Mail, FileMan, and many others.

We’ve handled projects of varying size and scope

Gossamer Threads plans and orchestrates website development at all levels, from the upgrading and optimization of existing websites and applications, to ground-up architecture and development of complex and dynamic sites that experience incredibly high volumes of traffic.

We specialize in managed application hosting

In addition to a full range of standard hosting services, Gossamer Threads specializes in highly managed application hosting: planning, configuring, and managing the operations of servers, running web applications such as Bricolage (a well-regarded content management system), Request Tracker (the industry standard support ticketing system) and Zimbra (enterprise-level groupware).

Our technical expertise is deep

Our skillset runs the gamut from design and high-level system administration, to programming and technical problem solving. We also use a wide variety of web-development technologies to stay at the cutting edge of our field.

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Other Initiatives

Having anticipated Google's factoring in of site speed into their page ranking system, Gossamer Threads developed GTmetrix, a free service that analyzes and rates page load speed and gives site developers tips and resources to improve load time.

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PCI Compliance

Staying ahead of industry security standards, Gossamer Threads offers Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance for its hosting clients.

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