Gossamer Threads is a big-picture partner concentrating on web technology. We provide flexible, tailored solutions for our clients, minimizing headaches in the process.


We take a holistic approach

Our prospective clients often come to us frustrated by their existing IT issues. Many arrive expecting a one-off solution, but eventually look to engage us in a more long lasting relationship. As a result, we largely function as an off-site partner for a wide variety of organizations with complex web needs. We take a big-picture approach to solving web challenges. This involves looking at how to best optimize existing web infrastructures, and coming up with better solutions.

We adapt by listening carefully

Much of our strength lies in listening to and understanding the needs of our clients, and the market. Recognizing the frustration that software customers were experiencing with their hosting companies, Gossamer expanded its services to include managed hosting. Responding to Google’s changes in their search engine algorithm, Gossamer developed a website optimization tool called GTmetrix, to help companies pinpoint speed issues. We’re always working to better serve our customers’ needs.

You speak with the experts

Our approach is highly personalized. There are no call centers here—you speak with the actual web engineers that work with systems they’ve built and put in place. We believe that maintaining strong relationships with our partners necessitates one-on-one service. That’s part of why we keep our growth conservative: we work with a small group of highly skilled people who share our attitudes and beliefs, as well as our desire to provide rounded web expertise.

Our not-for-profit contributions

Gossamer Threads provides free and discounted product licenses to non-profit organizations, including the Nobel Peace Prize winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines.

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Committed to sustainability

We have a strong commitment to sustainability. Last year we built a green roof, and began a composting program for plant maintenance on the green roof. The majority of our staff commutes by public transit or bicycle, and we also reduce the need for energy-intensive business trips by teleconferencing with our clients.

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