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Update Multiple Records

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lekin2 at llnl

Mar 21, 2006, 8:51 AM

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Update Multiple Records

I have a web page that goes to a database and pulls out a bunch of records
for display and then I gave each field the ability to modify except the
primary ID.

The problem I'm having is how do I make each field unique so that I can go
back to the database and update the record. I was thinking about putting
the primary key in the name like:
<input type="text" name="lname + ID" value="">
<input type="text" name="fname + ID" value="">

but I don't know how to do that with python.

Is there another way to update a bunch of records at once?

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Update Multiple Records lekin2 at llnl Mar 21, 2006, 8:51 AM
    Re: Update Multiple Records andrew at sawdog Mar 21, 2006, 9:29 AM

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