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Cpu utilization high



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sylvan.dcunha at gmail

Aug 18, 2012, 2:43 AM

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Cpu utilization high

Dear All,

I have a production running Xen Server on centos 5.5 x64 xen version 3.1.2
and is working fine
I have right now for the past 6 months with no issues 4 V.M.

1) windows 2008R2 64 bit
2) windos 2003 32 bit
3) centos 64bit
4 centos 64 bit

I just installed a new VM - zentyal server zentyal-2.2-2-amd64 and
installation went perfect
I options I selected

fully virtualized
os was linux
os variant i selected Ubuntu 8.04 LTS since 10.04 LTS option not there

but after restart the zentyal VM everything is fine until I do the initial
login .
but after I log in the https://localhost web administration login page is
Now this screen just keeps flickering and I am not able to enter my
username and password

also when i do a xm top i see that the CPU utilization for this VM is
always over 100%
as long as I dont log in to the initial login screen everything is fine

also i notice that when i start the virt-manager and see the VM the VM cpu
utilization is fine goin upto 12 % or so
all my previous VMs cpu utilization is fine and normal

can it be the wrong OS variant selected. was just wondering

appreciate your kind advice and help



Ian.Campbell at citrix

Aug 18, 2012, 2:51 AM

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Re: Cpu utilization high [In reply to]

On Sat, 2012-08-18 at 10:43 +0100, benedict dcunha wrote:
> I have a production running Xen Server

This list is for users of the Xen.org version of Xen. Issues with
XenServer should either be raised with your support representative or on
the XenServer forums:


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